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Fyi these folks carry our ice cream not only by the pint but by the scoop!

They do all kinds of cool things and make toppings and ‘soft serve’ out of real ice cream too! Check them out!

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A million heartfelt thanks to all those who have visited our humble cart since 2010. While we will continue to thrive via catering, vending and wholesale, we are permanently shutting the service window on the ’63 after this weekend. As pods continue to get harvested by developers, it’s become harder than ever to just break even in our beloved town when we are forced to relocate our seasonal retail cart just about every year. Keep an eye out for us when we find the perfect brick and mortar opportunity and you’ll still see us at farmers markets and other events around Portland too. Thanks again for enjoying our honestly made ice cream and we’ll see you next year!

You can still find us at PSU farmers market and OHSU farmers market this year!20988977_1573622202659347_464504398069171890_o

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Reminder our NE cart will be closed Wednesday & Thursday for worker safety during the high temps but please visit some of the outlets that carry our ice cream and may be better equipped. Cup and Bar is a brick  and mortar with AC who we make specialty ice cream for as an example! Stay cool out there folks!

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Hey all- we are hiring. Check out our Job posting!
Job Description

Scoop is hiring Seasonal Ice Cream Scoopers! (pt & ft) We are looking to ramp up for our busy season. We need to staff our carts, for farmers markets and for our busy catering schedule. If you think serving up our small batch seasonally and locally sourced super premium ice cream in a fast paced environment is the job for you keep reading!

To be considered for a position, you must:

-be 18 years or older

-have a valid driver’s license

-have food/beverage and cash handling experience

-have or obtain current Food Handler’s card by first day of work

-respect safety and hygiene standards

-possess the ability to work in close proximity to others and work well independently

-can physically handle long periods of standing , lifting heavy coolers and providing fast, friendly and accurate service

Scoopers will be expected to work all season long. This includes working holidays and weekends sometimes until late with safe and reliable transportation home from any of our locations (carts, farmers markets and catering events)

These are mainly seasonal positions but exceptional candidates may be asked to stay on after the summer.

Please send your resume with the date you are available to start and what specifically is your availability in your cover letter to NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE

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Just opened NE Cart and PSU market has begun on Saturdays! Catering is going strong but we still have some openings! 20170508112635

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img_20160916_102442 img_20160915_165436

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NE 42/Killingsworth Cart


Catered Party


Wedding Moments

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2016-07-08_12.32.58 Special Pricing too! Only $3 for a Scoop $7 for a Pint @ Le Cookie Monkey.2016-07-08_12.32.23

Check out the Exclusive Le Cookie Monkey Flavor- Le Cookies & Cream made with their house baked Chocolate chip cookies.

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Scoops & Floats


Our new sign!


What a pretty combination at the Farmers Market