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So many delicious seasonal flavors can now be found at our SE location: Peppermint Stick, Egg Nog, Rum Raisin, Cranberry Orange Walnut, and more. Come by to sample the season!

effects of taking phentermine while pregnantOur newest flavor has nothing to do with wintertime, but is great for the cold weather: Green Curry Coconut. The brainchild of our employee extraordinaire Sarah, this flavor is deliciously creamy, with a finishing burn that warms you right up. It promises to be a new favorite – come taste it today!

Some hours updates: Our partner at Handsome Pizza at North Station has gone on a well-deserved vacation, so our North Station location at Killingsworth is closed until January 15. In SE, we are currently open Thurs-Sat 12-8 and Sun 1-8. Look for changes there soon as we get our espresso/coffee setup going! We’ll be doing some morning hours and cutting out some of the afternoon.

Happy holidays! Let us know if we can spread some holiday cheer your way via our frozen treats this month!